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January 24, 2017

Aguilar Quoted in Article Regarding Enforceability of Non-Competes,” and then provide the following link to the article:

Businesses of all stripes rely on non-compete agreements (NCAs) to protect their intellectual property (IP) from former employees. However, innovation companies must remain vigilant in their use because state laws can vary widely regarding what to allow.

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April 4, 2016

Actions by Insureds Against Brokers: “Special Relationships” Since “Voss”

Two years ago, the New York Court of Appeals issued its seminal decision in Voss v. The Netherlands Insurance Company, which put some teeth into the concept of a “special relationship” between an insurance broker and an insured. The Voss court held that a broker could be subject to liability for negligence or other tort claims where such liability would be unattainable in the typical broker-insured relationship. Since the Voss decision, courts in New York have considered the “special relationship” concept enunciated in Voss a number of times. This article examines the state of the law on the “special relationship” between brokers and their clients following the two-year anniversary of Voss.

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