Aguilar Bentley is a litigation boutique specializing in complex commercial cases, with a focus on financial, employment and insurance-related disputes.  Our firm strives to provide the highest level of service by offering unparalleled representation for all of our clients.

When our clients find themselves in the position of needing litigation support, either because they have been sued, have been threatened with a lawsuit, or may have a need to file a lawsuit in order to right a wrong, it is our job to manage that process, providing strategic yet practical advice, and always delivering high quality work product.  We understand that litigation is almost never a first choice.  It is our goal to help our clients handle lawsuits or litigation-related matters in the most efficient, protective, and timely manner possible. 

We believe that effective communication is the most critical aspect to developing a good strategic plan, and to maintaining a productive working relationship with our clients.  This means if you call or email us, we call or email you back.  Promptly.  We always want there to be an open line of communication.  We are also very sensitive to considerations of cost, the value of a case, and the interplay of those two factors.  We devise a unique approach for each matter, while keeping the big picture and client goals foremost in our minds.  We help our clients identify key concerns, wade through problems of almost all natures, and develop proposals for resolving issues, whether that be through aggressive litigation, or a more nuanced approach. 

Put simply, our attorneys are people who care.  As a result, we provide top-notch legal services, generating work product that is second to none. 

Aguilar Bentley has been featured in the Vanguard Law Magazine.
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